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Extracting Audio from ACII & AC: Brotherhood?

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Extracting Audio from ACII & AC: Brotherhood?

Post by ZuluViking » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:56 am

Firstly I can say I have very little experience with this sort of thing, so I decided to ask here for some help. I want to extract the sound files from Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, but I'm having some trouble.

I know someone has posted a bunch of AC audio files on tumblr, but this is definitely not a complete collection so I wanted to try it myself.

I followed this youtube tutorial which apparently works for a lot of games for a lot of people. (And also happens to be the method described by the tumblr poster).

I mostly want the voice files so I've tried unpacking the "sounds_eng.pck"-files from each game. I've tried extracting them with the Wwise-Unpacker, but all I get is thousands of audio files that don't work properly even though I know I've followed the instructions correctly. I've tried both the mp3 and ogg version, and I get a bunch of files, but none of them play properly. When I tried playing the .mp3 file extractions all I got was static/white noise, and when I tried playing the .ogg files it just said the files were unsupported/corrupted (I'm using Foobar2000 to play the audio files). The individual files aren't very large either. There are maybe 6 files over 1MB while the rest are under and most of them are under 100 kB, but I assume this is right considering most voice files are probably quite short. I contacted the tumblr poster who had this to say: "You might have to extract to OGG first then convert those files to MP3. The program can be a little to finicky when dealing with the Ezio trilogy." So I tried that, but it still didn't work.

So what am I doing wrong here? Anyone have any insight and suggestions? I know this extractor works on For Honor which is also a Ubisoft game, but ACII and Brotherhood are much older games. Is there a specific extractor for older Ubisoft/Assassin's Creed-games? I've searched a bunch and can't seem to find anything except things that have been deleted. I found this on another forum, but it didn't work either. It also mentions something about a Generic File Ripper from someone called Turfster, but I can't find anything about that anywhere either. Any help would be appreciated

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