Uncharted 2 - Porting Brazilian Dubbing From PS4 To PS3

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Uncharted 2 - Porting Brazilian Dubbing From PS4 To PS3

Post by genericamenty » Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:45 am

Originally, Uncharted 1 and 2 don't have Brazilian Dubbing on PS3.
I saw that all 3 games on ''Nathan Drake's Collection'' have Brazilian Dubbing, so I passed this entire week trying port this dubbing from PS4 to PS3 version.

The first thing I did was just rename the PS4 dub (brazilian_ps4.psarc) to portuguese.psarc (my game is in European Portuguese) but when I entered
in the game, the dialogues have no sound and all cutscenes don't show up, they are just skiped.

So I tried creat a new .psarc, because I thinked that the problem is because the ps4 .psarc is diferentt of ps3 .psarc. I extracted ps4 .psarc and passed hours and hours trying create a new .psarc in ps3 format, but later I saw that the game load the extracted files, so I noticed that I don't need a .psarc file at all.

The game reads the original portuguese extracted dub, but don't reads the Brazilian dub.
For test it most precisely I put only the audio (brazilian audio) from intro of the game in the folder, and the audio don't work, but the other audios, the original european portuguese dub keep working.

All the files in both .psarc have .XVAG extension, all files have the same names. But I notecied that the ps4 .XVAG files have a heavy compression, they are very small in comparassion with the ps3 .xvag files.

I passed hours researching about .XVAG, but the only information that I found is how convert .XVAG to mp3 or wav. I can't found anything for edit or create a .XVAG files (it's impossible?)

I am here to see if I can recive help to convert ps4 .XVAG files for a .XVAG format that PS3 can read.

Here is a sample of files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O7pw3y ... lR-Oq/view

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