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Help to WEM files

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 5:50 pm
i need some help for wem file
its a sound file from wwise, i want to edit life is strange sound files
game using AKevent in data files, when i create a wem file in Wwise and inject on a pck and bnk, game will play a bad voice and cant lesson to this sound or play nothing

how can i create or use an sounds file to play as normally in game?
pck and bnk files in this game can be replace or seen in hex editor and not compressed on coded...
i just need to know how to edit sound files (wem files)
and i can unpack bnk and pck, also... i can play wem files. just need to edit sound, not extract or play
becuase everytime, people talking about extract... this is not about extract Wwise files to wav or ogg or mp3, its about repack to wem file and use a good quality voice in game
and how can i fine version of wem file?