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HCA Sound Files for Dream Festival R! decryption help

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HCA Sound Files for Dream Festival R! decryption help

Post by xxxAqua » Sun Mar 11, 2018 6:01 pm

(Hopefully I'm posting this at the right subtopic)
Hello there, I'm pretty new to extracting music files and hopefully someone could help me in finding the decryption key. (I'm on my witts end here, I've been looking for the key for at least 5 days now(which I know is not that long but I know it should be easy to find since it should have been hidden in plain text right?))

The game is Dream Festival! R a Japanese mobile game created by Bandai (Play Store, iTunes) which will be closing in less than 2 months.

I was hoping to extract the sound files before it closes but my only problem is finding the decryption key for the HCA files. I have already searched the game files, looked into other topics, as well as looked into other forums, and have asked someone on twitter who extract game sounds from a similar Bandai game to tell me where the decryption key is usually stored but so far have no luck.

What I have done so far:
1. Grab the .cpk files
2. Unpack using vgmtoolbox and obtained .awb and .acb files
3. Used foobar2000 with the vgmstream component to try and play the files (it plays weird scratchy noisy sound, which means it is encrypted)

What I have done to search for the encryption key:
1. Go through the game's code
2. Search in assets/bin/Data levelx files of the game's apk with the game's sound auth file as the "key" (which I'm hoping it's enc.bin located in the assets folder)

But cannot for the life of me find the decryption key.

Here is a link to the .apk I am using, sample .cpk files, sample .awb and .acb files from the .cpk files and some sample .hca files from the .awb and .acb files: ... 0Files.rar

Any help is appreciated! Oh and also as much as possible I want to learn how to do it so if it's not too much to ask I would like to know where to find it not just the key itself ^^||

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