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ObsCure I & II (.HVP format) -Extraction of the soundtracks!

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ObsCure I & II (.HVP format) -Extraction of the soundtracks!

Post by Carro2000 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 6:48 pm

(First of all, sorry always for my bad english)
Hi guys, I opened this topic because I would like to be able to extract the soundtracks of "Obscure I & II", unfortunately the problem is that soundtracks are present within the archive named (it is the same for both chapters) "STRMPACK.hvp". I also found on this site a script published by user "Szkaradek123" (thank you) that allows you to extract the content from these ".hvp" format files, but the problem is that once extracted (by ObsCure II, for the moment I care about him first) there are not even track names but only numbers. Is anyone able to solve this problem? Because being numbered only, the difficulty in finding them increases. Besides, I was able to find at least one sound track of the game, and the number "109" but unfortunately, converted the file, there were lot of noise strange lags followed by the last seconds before this was presented lag, doing so, takes the trail to last twice as much as it was conceived, I hope to receive your help to find a way to extract and convert them correctly. Meanwhile, thank you all for listening.

These are the links of the archives:

ObsCure I :!87ZElLYL!A9qgQNlL67roQqfnl4CHKw
ObsCure II :!FnRyTbqR!EexN0HHv6zfOiERAvC4xNA

ObsCure II : (Script; Also works with the first chapter)

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