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Castlevania SOTN PS1 help to change game dialogues

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Castlevania SOTN PS1 help to change game dialogues

Post by Deivity » Fri Jun 02, 2017 4:22 am

Hello, I'm from Brazil and I'm creating an iso dubbed in portuguese from brazil's castlevania game symphony of the night of ps1 but I'm not able to extract the audio dialog files from the game already tried several programs and I even found the audio track but I do not know How to extract and reassemble iso the audio files that I need to edit are these: SLUS_00067
SD - XA_STR1 - XA_STR1 [6] and XA_STR1 [7] can anyone tell me what file container format is this? And what audio format is this? And what tools can I use to extract, edit, and reassemble this iso? SLUS_00067 thanks in advance for the help!

Or if someone knows of some script so I can extract these files from audios and after editing insert in the iso thank you very much if you can help me I can put the name in the credits of the project

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