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Far Cry 4 Audio/Music(.sbao/.spk)

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Far Cry 4 Audio/Music(.sbao/.spk)

Post by RayTrace77 » Sat Nov 29, 2014 9:15 pm

Hi There,

I am looking for a particular song from the game, I have managed to get a rough copy from the game which I uploaded onto YouTube here: ...

Have been trying to get the music from this game for a while but not had much luck, have used "Oggdec" and DecUbiSnd but a number of files it is unable to work with, Oggdec can convert some of the .sbao files but not all, DecUbiSnd can barely handle the .spk files, out of a folder of say 40 it picked 1, showed around 4 streams but when played it was just static. I have unpacked a number of the .dat/fat files only to come to the same result. I have also tried DragonUnpacker with the Hyperripper function but nothing.

most .dat/fat files, when unpacked, have a folder called "soundbinary" in it, in there is sometimes .sbao or .spk, aside from that folder I don't know where else to look for audio.

Inside the "common.dat" file in /soundbinary there is a file called "2fffffff.spk" which is 26MB, much larger then the others, however DecUbiSnd is unable to handle it and am interested to know what it is, I have uploaded the file to the link below:

If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated.


Nevermind, figured it out in the end and got the song, took bloody ages though.

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Re: Far Cry 4 Audio/Music(.sbao/.spk)

Post by Vosvoy » Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:45 pm

It could be good for the others (starters) to tell how you managed to find a solution. So, please, tell us what was your solution for that.


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