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Problem repacking Bioshock 2 fsb audio files

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Problem repacking Bioshock 2 fsb audio files

Post by XStalker » Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:54 pm

Hi there! so recently i wanted to play Bioshock 2 only to find out the sound is a total disaster. The audio option such as stereo,surround,5.1 etc do pretty much nothing. And there is also a huge volume difference between various sound effects. Some sound muffled, some sound very loud. It's a mess overall.

So i decided to edit some of the sound effects. I found out about FSBExt. That it can unpack and repack files. So i followed this tutorial, everything works well until i try to repack the fsb file i want. This error message appears : The file contains unexpected data, or is smaller than expected.

What am i missing here?

I could edit/replace the sound effects using the FMOD Designer, but for a few edited sound effects, i would have to manually setup the entire fsb structure + the 3D sound localization. And still wouldnt be perfect since i dont know the exact settings for each sound file.

Can someone help me wth that error?

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