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Re: The Witcher 2 Models

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:32 am
by shakotay2
3dbabe wrote:Please make the script. where one can select meshes in a folder.w2mesh to need to open w2ent file.
This not being as easy as you might think of.

Reason is the different data format of standalone w2mesh and meshes in a w2ent entity container:

q102_elf_woman_hanger.w2ent which is 5.22 MB of size with
scoiatael_woman__body1_b1 included:

# L:\tmp\q102_elf_woman_hanger.w2ent
# 8292 face Indices
# 1. e0d2d:
v 0.178874 -0.028297 1.424668
# 00 01 02 03 92 4F 19 04 86 00 80 FF
vt 0.348128 0.709508
# 17.887421 4.690230
# DE 84 2A FF D4 85 DE FF

and this is the same mesh standalone, 873kB

# L:\tmp\scoiatael_woman__body1_b1.w2mesh
# 8292 face Indices
# 1. 759:
v 0.178874 -0.028297 1.424668
# 00 01 02 03 0.574310 0.310812 0.098458 0.016420 0.055559 -0.998417 0.008791

As can be seen the data structure is somewhat different.

You can get all the meshes you need using Szkaradek's script.

I don't think someone will bother creating a new script just for sake of comfort.

Re: The Witcher 2 Models

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 7:34 am
by soulslayerzx
For the record, the latest version of this script works, I think like 1-2 pages back and for models that say error if you use the new script and hit magic it will work some reason, mainly the body meshes. Good job if the person is still alive.

The problem is, we can't export the meshes anywhere using such an old version of blender. I used source and I can't export as .smd which is like the only format in the world that includes a mesh + a skeleton

I've been searching for an hour to find a 2.49 smd exporter but failed to find anything. This doesn't work in newer versions of blender...

I heard of .dae exporting skeletons but it only exports like several bones and I exported a .obj, and the obj didnt recognize the .dae when i parented the skeleton to it, notably due to the missing bones.

Re: The Witcher 2 Models

Posted: Sat Aug 24, 2013 7:29 pm
by logansan25
I am a noob, How are steps for export models to 3dmax?

Re: The Witcher 2 Models

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:18 am
by shakotay2
Use Blender 2.49 dae (or fbx) exporter.

Re: The Witcher 2 Models

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 10:20 am
by Ilves
Tosyk wrote:
megakoresh wrote:I redownloaded and relaunched v2.49 like 10 times and the script still give an error! What's wrong?
maybe you need to install additional tools for using blender, such us Python v2.6.5 and PyFFI
I made the same, but still get an error, whats wrong am I doing? :oops: