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Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post questions about game models here, or help out others!
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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by Ernegien » Mon Oct 23, 2017 7:43 pm

zwrtron wrote:BTW, does anyone found a way to access original ZIP archives? All we got is this:

Code: Select all

invalid CEN header (unsupported compression method: 21)
Searching online for XMemDecompress should point you in the right direction. It's nice to see this thread is still active :)

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by digitalutopia1 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:13 am

Andrakann wrote: Another strange thing is Name entry - this entry must have name lenght in symbols for correct reading, and it have it, but in strange format, like mirrored byte:
...or in some hex format I'm not familiar with:
18 is 12h and 31 is 1Fh - I can see some logic here, but it's strange.
shakotay2 wrote:

Code: Select all

0x140b emaN b0 00 10 00 xoBB 80 01 13 body_a_LOD5 -0.753424 0.755402 -1.765556 0.753425 1.081711 0.620197 
0x143e emaN b0 00 10 00 xoBB 80 01 13 body_a_LOD5 -0.966901 0.000073 -1.803357 0.966901 0.578240 -1.000934 
0x1471 emaN b0 00 10 00 xoBB 80 01 13 body_a_LOD5 -0.815528 -0.002078 -2.096735 0.815527 0.179026 1.001929 

0x14a4 emaN` 00 10 00 xoBB 80 01 0e Shadow -0.961083 -0.000369 -2.319926 0.961083 1.047848 1.001929 
0x14d2 emaN` 00 10 00 xoBB 80 01 0e Shadow -0.802868 -0.000369 -2.130043 0.802868 0.184148 1.001929 
0x1500 emaN` 00 10 00 xoBB 80 01 0e Shadow -0.879130 0.141074 -0.786225 0.879130 1.016461 0.669687 
An error here: "emaN`" is "Name 60h" where 60h is 6 symbols in name "Shadow".
This is (obviously) way late - but the short immediately preceding the string refers to the length of the String + that short, and the preceding 6 bytes.'s something like this:

Code: Select all

char name[4]; //emaN
short unk1;
short unk2; //unk1 & unk2 may really be a a single int - much like the unknown int in both the preceding header, and entry structures. 
short unk3; //len's length starts including from here.
short unk4;
short unk5;
ushort len; //(sizeof(short)*4)+length of string
char string[len-8];
65 6D 61 4E E0 00 10 00 78 6F 42 42 80 01 16 00 62 75 6D 70 65 72 46 5F 61 5F 4C 4F 44 31


bumperF_a_LOD1 (14 bytes)

22 (8 bytes longer than string)

Part that's included in size

Now, one or more of those shorts likely indicate the type of name entry. Because there are at least two types.

The first has 4 [s]null bytes[/s] an unsigned int after the string, and is recognizable by unk3 having the value of 8224 (20 20) and unk4 having the ASCII value of dI (64 49)

The second has 6 floats after the string, and is recognizable by unk3 & unk4 having the ASCII value of xoBB (78 64 42 42)


I'm continuing to use bumperF_a.modelbin from the Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (Forza 7).

I'm fairly confident that the entries look more like so:

Code: Select all

//start of "header"
char tag[4]; //emaN
ushort hshort1;
ushort hshort2; 
//end of "header"
char type[4]; "  dI" or "xoBB" (or even, MatI's "TSTA")
short unkShort;
short dataLength;
char text[dataLength-8];
//if type== "  dI"
uint unkInt;
//if type=="xoBB"
float unkFloats[6];
//if type=="TSTA"
Now, here's the fun part - after the full Name entries, there's a collection of "headerless" entries that omit the tag, and the first two shorts (i.e. first 8 bytes). With the exception of one, none of these have any actual text data - their "dataLength" fields are all set at 8 - or a zero length char array. The last of these name stubs, contains the seemingly nonsensical text of "feRTÀ " (66 65 52 54 C0 03 20 00)

To make things more annoying, after the collection of the "headerless" entries, the section is finalized with an int, followed by a collection of ushorts. In the case of this particular file, there are 28 "complete" Name entries, the aforementioned int, has a value of half of that, and there are 28 shorts. I'm guessing these are just offsets to something.

If the entire section needs to be read, including that short array, it's going to be obnoxious - especially considering that all sections make liberal use of padding. On the other hand, if it doesn't, then what's the point of it?

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by aowzone » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:40 am

Is there anyone specifically working on the ability to extract textures for the existing FM7 models (both car and track) and edit things like tirewalls (add/edit branding), make tobacco liveries (example, the MP4/4) or fix some of the inaccurate adverts around tracks?

Are there any discord or other groups where people might be working to achieve this? I'd like to contribute wherever possible.

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by rex1825 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:24 am

Just curious, did someone try to export whole track from Forza 6/7?


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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by Pupsik » Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:24 pm

I'm already tormented all evening)) I bought and installed forza 7. Can you please tell me how to copy Fz7 files from "windows apps" folder? I opened the folder, I can see the files. I can not copy files - they are encrypted and there is no access.
It turned out only to delete the archive of the car from there to a separate folder, but when unpacking it does not have access, in general it does not open it at least kill ((((rummaged everything, the owner of the folder changed nothing.) Help, please.

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by verde57 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:13 pm

Can someone please upload the Bugatti T35 ? from the Doritos Pack

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by Franc23 » Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:03 pm

hi all...i have a problem (sorry for my english i'm italian :oops: )
i want to import many modelbin, but 3dsim editor import only 1 modelbin...i work on track of forza 6 apex...make_H2O working but lose map texture and material's possible to import many models in 3dsim editor or 3ds max?...thanks :)

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by TolikGT » Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:38 am

Can somebody share Totino's Car Pack and Doritos Car Pack ? thanks

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by RVW » Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:11 pm

hello people , after having read a hundred pages on different thread i decided to join...i used to mod games on pc and now ive got the urge to mod forza horizon 2 on my xbox 360.

long story short, using forza studio (and the other appropriated program) can i extract horizon 2 map to remove those god damned fences and expand the map myself. the world is so little and i want it HUGE...

thanks if anyone know. also sorry for my bad english its my second language.

i really appreciate the help! thanks again.

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by AMG » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:23 pm

Forza Studio v4.1, v4.4t2 and v4.6 were fully working for me until today.
Obviously for having those working i've installed the requiered frameworks in the past.
Since those stopped working (crash at start) I've reinstalled the frameworks, but nothing changed.
Any clues?

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by Tom046 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:49 pm

Great work man! playing Prague with ac

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by minime891 » Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:12 pm

@zwrtron Will you be updating the Swatchbin Texture Modding Assistant to support Forza 7 zip? Or is it just me that can't import them?
I would love to edit some textures. :D

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by zwrtron » Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:56 am

The STMA unfortunately supports only regular ZIP files as standard filesystem (the one your OS can extract too without WinRAR) not the PKG archive they using. It will work if you unpack archive using Forza Studio or quickBMS and pack again using WinRAR for example.

Honestly there are no plans for me in future in updating it because using the system above is pointless as you cannot actually modify the game.

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by Fengo » Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:43 am

So, I have an interesting question with all this. Is there any way to take one of the liveries downloaded from the design shop in FH3 and apply that to a dumped model? I already have models that I can easily import, but I'd like a livery, and preferribly not having to manually repaint the livery in Photoshop. I would assume the livery downloaded from the game is saved.. Somewhere on the system, yes?

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Re: Forza Motorsport Resource Extraction (.carbin)

Post by ChenA » Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:07 pm

@zwrtron Could you please share the forza horizon 3's swatchbin file format? Thanks.

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