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Nioh 2 bms and Model Research (lnk)

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Trophi Hunter
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Nioh 2 bms and Model Research (lnk)

Post by Trophi Hunter » Mon Feb 08, 2021 12:40 am

So I have been able to use the nioh 1 bms script to extract the .lnk archives, however there are at least 2 that wont extract, archive_17, is the largest at 32GB and gives a size error.

offset filesize filename
0000000000013000 2352 0000000000000000.dat

Error: the compressed zlib/deflate input is wrong or incomplete (-3)
Info: algorithm 1
offset 0000000000013000
input size 0x0000000000003c2f 15407
output size 0x0000000000000930 2352
result 0xffffffffffffffff -1

Error: the uncompressed data (-1) is bigger than the allocated buffer (2352)
It usually means that data is not compressed or uses another algorithm

Last script line before the error or that produced the error:

any insight on this would be appreciated. I am trying to find the character creation assets, hair to be specific, Ninja ripper does work but exporting that way is even more tedious.

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