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Robotech Battlecry Vicious Engine .Pak Files Extraction?

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Robotech Battlecry Vicious Engine .Pak Files Extraction?

Post by Blaze Modz » Wed Feb 03, 2021 11:13 am

Currently looking to get the .Pak files from Robotech: Battlecry extracted, so I can look into them. Models, textures, anything that is possible to extract from these .pak files will be greatly appreciated! I've read some other previous posts on here for games on the same engine, and most people seem to say this is a REALLY Easy, uncompressed format. Which, I'd love to see for myself, although I can Not for the life of me, get into them. And I have used some of the scripts that people have made, but they never seem to work, unfortunately, usually citing this error:

"Error: incomplete input file 0: vf1a.pak
Can't read 64 bytes from offset 737a1000. (<- I assume this is because the file is a particular hex that the script does not account for?)
Anyway don't worry, it's possible that the BMS script has been written
to exit in this way if it's reached the end of the archive so check it
or contact its author or verify that all the files have been extracted.
Please check the following coverage information to know if it's ok.

coverage file 0 1% 32979 1666060 . offset 737a1000

Last script line before the error or that produced the error:

I left a few sample assets, if that helps. Thank you! Anything would be greatly appreciated!!
(It's safe to assume that "skin_stealth" is the skin for the model, and "vf1s" is the choosable head option. I included some other ones I wasn't sure about, cause I would presume Those would be the Body models?) ... k.rar/file
Hiya!! ^^

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