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Common mistakes that new electric skateboarders usually make, you should read to avoid.

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Common mistakes that new electric skateboarders usually make, you should read to avoid.

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Electric skateboarding is pretty easy, just hop on the board and go, that's it. Because of this ease, many people are often subjective and make mistakes while riding. In this article, I am going to point out a few mistakes that I see newbies often make while they ride. Let's read to the end. Please take a moment to read through eSkateBuddy, there are many great articles about electric skateboards that you will definitely want to learn there. Let's go!

Common electric skateboard mistakes ... 1605238132

Wrong foot positioning

This is the mistake that many riders encounter the most, especially newbies.
-Bad foot placement: two feet in the middle of the board.
-Good positioning: legs wide apart, knees slightly bent. Keep your shoulders and back straight, eyes forward. The closer your front foot is to the front truck, the more control you have over your board. Although everyone's foot placement is different, this is the best placement to start for beginners.

Read some more common problems that usually happen to your electric skateboard at ... oards.html.

Not reading the basics

It may sound very boring, but reading the manual is extremely important. Reading the manual will give you an overview of the electric skateboard, what you can and cannot do with it. Many people are so confident about what they know about electric skateboards that they skip the basics, so there are things they do wrong but have no idea about it at all. A few important things that are often mentioned in manuals are speed limit, wheel settings, trigger setting, and dead man switch.

You will save a lot of time and have the best experience when skateboarding if you carefully read the instructions in the book provided by the manufacturer. So pick up the book and read through it. You can skip things you really know, and read what you don’t know. Believe me, there will be at least one thing you don’t know about your board.

Wrong carving

Carving is fun, it gives skaters the feeling of skiing. But it gets better when you do it right. A common mistake racers make is that they don't maintain a consistent speed throughout the carve. This makes the board difficult to maintain. Set the mode that you feel most comfortable riding and remember to keep your body steady on the e-board the whole time you carve.

Problem with trigger reset

Most electric board controls are based on a pre-programmed setting. However, when your controller is subjected to a lot of shocks or drops, the small components will be affected and this program may be lost. At this point you need to do a reset trigger to reset the remote to factory settings. You can find calibration instructions on your manufacturer’s manual or query it on a search engine.

Problem with tyres and belts

Wheels have a huge impact on your riding experience. Many people often leave their wheels too flat, causing the speed to slow down and the range is not as long as when it was new. Belts have a similar effect if they are tightened too much. You will also experience board overheating when the tires are flat and the belts are tight. You will need to bump the tires and lose the belts a little. For more solutions to solve this problems, check out articles on eSkateBuddy, click here:

Problem with bushings

People who like stiff boards or heavy riders often over tighten up the kingpin nuts until the bushings bulge. This is not the right way for stability when riding an electric skateboard. That even makes the board harder to control. Adjust the nuts just tight enough. To get stability while riding, you need practice to build up your skill level.


If you want smoother rides then buy wheels with greater durometer, not just rely only on tightening your bushings, they don't work with your stability.

Some other common mistakes you should avoid:
Don’t leave your battery charging overnight
Used up the battery when you first get it and recharge it 100%
Don’t leave your e-board in extreme weather
Remain your battery at 30-50% when you don’t use it for a long period of time
Don’t leave your esk8 in a car
Don’t let your board overheat constantly. Stop riding if you feel the board is heated up

So I have pointed out the basic mistakes that beginners to electric skateboards often make. Hope you are not facing one of the above problems, or if so, you know what you need to do. In addition, you can read more articles on the Tips and Guide category on the website I mentioned earlier in this post.

I saw there they had an article regarding the common problems with electric skateboards that I mentioned above. If you have some free time, explore that website now to read useful information about electric skateboards. Follow me so you don't miss any updates from the esk8 community!
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