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Drakengard 1/2 (PS2) Tool

Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 3:45 pm
by akderebur
Tool for extracting models and textures from Drakengard 1/2 on PS2. Only skinned models. Might work for some other Cavia games, but not tested. Also it isn't perfect. Some textures are not supported, and meshes have backfaces. You will need to use a shader with no culling.

Extracting Files
The file system is troublesome as with most PS2 titles. Download DrakengardDec. Drag and drop the correct BIN file on to it (IMAGE.BIN or D_IMAGE.BIN). It will extract all model related FPK files in a folder called Models.

Loading Models


How to use

  • FPK: Loads models (skinned) in selected FPK file.
  • Textures will be loaded automatically if found/supported.
  • NUX: Exports the model in custom binary format (.nux), intended to be loaded by Noesis. Noesis script for this format : NUX Script
  • Textures: Textures will be exported as PNG.
  • Note : Models and textures will be exported into the folder Export.
Download : ... r.rar/file