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Export to Shaiya Online .3dc format

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Export to Shaiya Online .3dc format

Post by FliP » Thu May 28, 2020 9:04 pm

I've been a regular reader of XeNTaX for years and finally decided to register a account, as I have a question.

Shaiya has been talked about on some occasions over the years, some resources can be found here:

The file formats are referred to as "simple", yet I cannot figure out or to convert files back into .3dc

Karpati, the maker of 3D Object Converter, explained a way to convert .3dc into 3D Studio .3ds to modify the 3D Geometry and then convert it back to .3dc.
However, this only works if the number of vertices remains the same, which means that it is not possible to convert any external 3D model using this method.

I tried editing the number of vertices to match as close as possible to the number of vertices of a original Shaiya Online .3dc file, but without success.

I've seen examples that it is possible to convert external 3D models back into .3dc with their corresponding animations and import them to the game, but the question is: How?

I hope that we can find a way together and I've attached some sample files below.

Kind regards
3DC_Sample (2).zip
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