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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake People have the files

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Re: Final Fantasy VII Remake People have the files

Post by lionheartuk » Mon Apr 20, 2020 1:14 am

Yes, clearly, some people have the files, how does making what must now be the 500th post by you about this going to do either of the following?
A: convince the people who have the files to release them
B: change anything

You've posted about this countless times so far, its insane, the people will release the files whenever they decide to release them, just like every other games files in this forum. The forum doesn't own the people or their files, and so what people do with them is entirely disconnected to the forums.

TLDR: stop, posting, about, this game.

You're one of god only knows how many of us who're interested in these files, but the rest of us aren't going about it constantly, if you don't get the files for another few weeks, you'll live, just like the rest of us. Its not life or death.
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