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what are the most common converters people writing plugins for these days?

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2019 11:36 am
by pupilswim
I've used to visit this forums years ago.
The only tool I remember that supported loading models from games and exporting them to standardized 3d editor formats was Noesis, but its webpage seems a bit lacking when it comes to having a list of third party plugins. Maybe I overlooked it somewhere or it is available somewhere else.
Or perhaps there are/is other such tools with plugin support most of the community has switched to.

My reason for getting 3d models is using them as reference since I'm an indie game developer. There are some new-ish games that I would love to load the models into my editor of choice, Blender, at look at the strcuture, topology, poly count and texturing to learn from. I'm mostly interested in getting architectural and environmental models for studying them but characters are also always interesting.
I'm currently really interested in studying models from Breath of the Wild, FFXII Remastered, FFX Remastered.