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NFL Blitz Sprite Sheet

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NFL Blitz Sprite Sheet

Post by Jaker3 » Sat May 18, 2019 4:19 pm


I'm trying to figure out how the Arcade and PC version takes a sprite sheet and chops it up to pull individual sprites out.

The below image contains the drawn image along with the hex for what I think the game uses to pull the sprite from the sprite sheet. There is a delimiter that I believe contains other information like the image location in the file table and some other things I have yet to figure out. Pretty much I'm looking to see if anyone has ideas how those 8 hex values between the delimiter values (think they make up 4 coordinates possible? ) are used to pull the sprite from the sprite sheet. The example image contains 9 NFL player names that are used in game. So I'd assume the 8 boxed values I have in the image would somehow tell the game the location of one of the 9 image sprites on the sprite sheet.


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