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Disney infinity model AND texture

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Disney infinity model AND texture

Post by ToraRyu » Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:31 am

Hi ^^

I search since a while to find how to use disney infinity models and appli the texture...
I find a script to convert all the zip to files, then another to convert ibuf to obj and another one for vbuf (which give me a crap thing that I didn't understand...)
If i import the ibus converted to max, it crashes, but if i try with zbrush i can open it and redo the obj file to put it to max, but I didn't find how i can find the good texture and how to apply it!
I find that tbody files are convertible to dds and i see all the texture now... i think that the other files are important, but for what?

It's hard for me because english is not my motherlanguage so I maybe miss some good information :s

Thanks for your help!

EDIT : i'm on the blackpearl model... so i think that there are a lot of different texture files
EDIT 2 : I just open the mtb file with a note pad and i see a lot of numbers... i try to search the first and it give me a file .shd ???

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