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Help With Extracting Pinshapes .bingeom Files

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Help With Extracting Pinshapes .bingeom Files

Post by millboar » Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:46 am

Hello everyone, looking for some more experienced forum goers to help me crack the .bingeom file form. I've captured pinshape's view port model using the chrome developer's tool and was able to extract the compressed file and get it into a hex editor and ModelResearcher for tinkering. Unfortunately , I've been unable to pin down the vertices or faces stored in the file. Maybe I'm missing something obvious? Here's a link to the model I'm using to as my guinea pig ... dy-officer and here's a link to the uncompressed .bingeom file ... zma1~?dl=0

Thanks in advance for whatever advice or thoughts you may have!

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