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Need help with this game's pak format (Bright Shadow)

Posted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 7:20 am
by takocon
So I was trying to extract some resources files(such as 3D models, textures and audios) out of this game call "Bright Shadow". Have tried dozens of ways...but didn't really go well, the closest shot was using some file extractor to browse some files and successfully extract some UI, model textures and audios from it, but there's not a single 3d just wonder if anyone could help see what's going on with these files..plz (>~<)
(PS:I was told that it uses a modified version of gamebryo engine....if that does any help:)
Here's some of the pak's...!VD4mlSKY!Bd1l9ASJMAhN ... UmUNh-dsMQ (Data1)!hGomzSqZ!cynjQt-lHpQA ... VPY3Bq8J8I (Data5)
(I've tried file extractor on both files, with Data1 there's textures and audio coming out, and with Data5..there nothing)