.dae.phyre unpacking for FFXII

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.dae.phyre unpacking for FFXII

Post by Drahsid » Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:56 pm

Howdy fellas.
I've been digging around the Phyre Engine source code and doing my best to decipher what parts of it are relevant to my hacking of Final Fantasy XII (It's helped me quickly find a lot of stuff); and there is of course, huge demand for the ability to import new models into the game. We can already do this, since the the Phyre SDK comes with the required tools to pack Collada into a Phyre file; however, it does not provide the necessary tools to unpack a Phyre into a Collada again, which is where we run into a brick wall. We can't replace character models, for example, since they have armatures and animations that we cannot emulate.
So where am I at? I've gotten most of the Phyre Engine (and tools) to properly compile, and give me good debugging information: with this I am making an effort to analyze and reconstruct the serialization process of Collada->Phyre, though I have not gotten this to work with versions of Visual Studio that are newer than 2008.
I've tried to gather what I can from the findings of others, but that is to little results. I've found tools such as this which are interesting, but with the lack of public source, and functionality for my particular reason, this does nothing for me.
I will also deciphering the file structure of .dae.phyre, so that I can figure out where the model data begins, and what about it is different. It is important to note that packed files seem to be compressed in some sort of way. For example, the SDK comes with a model of a banana, of which the Collada file takes up approximately 260 Kilobytes of space and alternatively the Phyre only takes about 100 Kilobytes of space.
I think it's also important to note that the information that I get from the source code may very well be inaccurate to what was used to pack the models; the engine used for FFXII could have been altered or may simply be different.

Ultimately, I have come here to see if anybody knew something that I do not, or have any sort of pointers (if it wasn't obvious I'm not super savvy with model formats). Thanks.

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Re: .dae.phyre unpacking for FFXII

Post by akderebur » Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:24 pm

I think there are already enough open source scripts for the phyre format to get you started.

For models:

For textures:

There are slight changes between versions, but mostly offsets. Model data is more or less the same.

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