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Aggressive Inline Levels

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Aggressive Inline Levels

Post by g00dman » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:22 pm

Hey! I'd like to be able to export the levels from Aggressive Inline into Blender to port them into the Tony Hawk's Underground 2 mod THUG PRO. There's also an unused level which I'd like to look at & document for TCRF.

Here's a link to the level folders of all 3 versions of the game (Ps2, xbox, gamecube): https://mega.nz/#F!ZcsVVCxS!SERX_B9eMnq2U3nL6tPuwQ

The PS2 version has the most unused stuff as it was the first released one. The Xbox version has a fully unused level intact & the Gamecube version has no unused stuff. There's a tool that can export the Gamecube/xbox levels to an .obj - however it misses some textures and a lot of objects, and won't export textures from the Xbox version since it uses a different texture format. I've attached it to this post if anyone wants to take a look and see if they can fix it or something... Let me know if you can help :)
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