Howdy & few questions about stuff

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Howdy & few questions about stuff

Post by TheRealMorlock » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:06 pm

Hi, first post, be gentle with me. :)

1st, sorry if it violates netiquette, but I'm a noob so I'm supposed to violate netiquette: what are some other good forums that talk about extracting and ripping game content into 3d packages?

2nd, I'm fairly familiar with 3d from using Poser and then Daz 3d for many years, but not so much with the content creation end. Most of my experience in that area has been occasional tweaking of existing textures, materials, shaders, etc. I'm interested in how I can create a morph for genesis 3 or genesis 8 from the head geometry of another model. I assume this is not at all a simple task, and I'd be best served using a real 3d package like Maya or ZBrush; export the source geometry (head and neck of character I want to emulate with a Daz figure) from Daz Studio, export the destination figure (Genesis 3 or 8) from Daz Studio, import both into my 3d package (Maya or whatever; I'm open to suggestions based on specific tools), [magic happens here], export the result from Maya, use that to create a morph for my destination figure in Daz Studio, voila!

I can probably figure out most of this myself, except for the [magic happens here] part. I have no idea how that will work. I suppose I could just move the destination figure's vertices around, but is there some quicker way? Has anyone ever made a tutorial for this kind of thing? Are there some terms I should know about that might help me use web searches effectively (so far bumpkiss)?

3rd, if you want to talk about converting textures over in similar fashion, please do. I'm not sure I have any need for this on this particular project, as the only skin I have for the source figure is very dirty and I'm not interested in converting over a filthy dirty muddy skin for a Daz Studio character, but it would still be good to have some info on the process.

Thanks in advance!

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