Dynasty Warriors models and animations

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Dynasty Warriors models and animations

Post by VirusPunk » Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:24 am

My goal is to get the models and animations of characters from any (preferably the older games) Dynasty Warriors games. I was able to get the DW PSP models with their skeletons in to 3ds Max just fine, but for some reason the animations are blank.

Someone said the BMS script for DW7 is supposed to work on all the older games as well but nothing works for me at all. All Offzip does is create a bunch of useless .DAT files that serve no purpose, and when I run the BMS script on these DAT files it does nothing but give errors and no readable files are made...

I also tried with the Samurai Warriors BMS script for Samurai Warriors in which it does absolutely nothing at all...

If anything, is there at least any way to get the DW PSP model animations to play properly in Noesis?

I want to make a DW clone in Unity but won't do it unless I can get the animations.

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