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Ripping Sketchfab model 2017

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Ripping Sketchfab model 2017

Post by no1n00B » Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:30 pm

Dear experienced low level modders,

I'm aware of that such a topic has already previously been created and hex2bin associated with,
but I'm (as my name suggests) more dumb than one could think and need a step by step help about
how can I today rip a model from

What I realized is that using Ninja Ripper doesn't work. I'm always using the latest version of browsers,
though I know it's a disadventage in this case but I have no clue which previous version, for example of Firefox to use.

Well, I did not just create this post to give someone a shitload of work so here it is what I have:

The model I'm trying to rip: ... f9465433f6

What I know is that the page source contains various "prefetchedData".
For example,
prefetchedData[ "/i/models/544ad1a45a4240d2bb6cae2f9b7f006b/textures" ]
contains the texture images

prefetchedData[ "/i/models/544ad1a45a4240d2bb6cae2f9b7f006b" ]
contains the OSGJS file, and captures of different views of the models in the canvas
in raster format.

prefetchedData[ "/i/models/544ad1a45a4240d2bb6cae2f9b7f006b/environments" ]
I don't know what the heck it is: it contains .bin.gz files with many different, long hexadecimal names,
and it is, as I see is in "cubemap" format and I don'T know what it is.

As far as I know this URL tells me everything about the model. ... 2f9b7f006b

Here I found the "Open Scene Graph JS" file compressed as gzip: ... e.osgjs.gz

Here is the "model_file.bin.gz" that is actually NOT a gzip compressed file, and
it is referenced in the OSGJS file, in which it specifies offsets and lengths inside it: ... ile.bin.gz

Presumably it contains all the sub meshes that I should extract understanding its format, and I actually
found the thread for noobs with the program hex2obj but sorry, I'm simply unintellectual and
it didn't help me. The only structure I've ever worked with was read length(4Bytes -> Int32), then
read length many bytes, and repeat this till the end of file, but the structure specification was
not sufficient, at least for me (read my name!!).

Also, the OSGJS file references the textures.

So I have some basic knowledge about that model_file.bin.gz is not an archive,
it is read by the OSGJS file, as well as the raster textures that I found in the main page,
but hex named .bin.gz files in the main page are not referenced, and I don't know what are they,
and I'm all puzzled and baffled. Now what to and how to convert into what?

I would be delighted if someone skilled took some time to help the noob, thank you.

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Re: Ripping Sketchfab model 2017

Post by shakotay2 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:15 pm

no1n00B wrote:Here is the "model_file.bin.gz" that is actually NOT a gzip compressed file
why do you think so?
Seems it's zipped, at least. Use a decent decompressor (7-Zip for example) or offzip, both will give you unzipped data with a size of 5.75 MB.
(The osgjs file should tell you whether varint encoding is used, iirc.)
Looks like everything is varint-encoded, so you're kinda lost here. :D

(Szkaradek123 wrote here about it: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=12403&p=127935#p127935
but I didn't get the trick. :cry: )
I'm simply unintellectual
I wouldn't say so, there's hope :D
Me, at least I couldn't find any decent 3D data in the uncompressed file
(searching for some point clouds using ShortAll in step 3 of hex2obj is pointless, I guess, because of the encoding).
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Re: Ripping Sketchfab model 2017

Post by justshopatkmart43 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:03 am

please merge this with the other thread, there are too many threads with the same question

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Re: Ripping Sketchfab model 2017

Post by FurMan » Sat Jun 27, 2020 1:48 am

Look here

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