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Star Wars First Assault (Xbox 360)

Post questions about game models here, or help out others!
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Star Wars First Assault (Xbox 360)

Post by JakeGreen » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:10 am

Okay so not really sure where to post this cause it's not just about the package but the models,textures and animations.

So this game is using a odd version of unreal engine 3 version 852.8 that for some reason only partly works with Umodel and i'm hoping someone can help with it on here.

Now you can get out some of the models and textures but you have to disable skelmesh and animations then it will partly extract them and then error

Code: Select all

appMalloc:size=1429406512 (total=3 Mbytes) <- FArray::Empty:1163079731 x 16 <- TArray::Serialize:0/0 <- FStaticLODModel3<< <- TArray::Serialize:0/160 <- USkeletalMesh3::Serialize <- LoadObject:SkeletalMesh3'TriggerGame.amo_crates', pos=163BD83, ver=852/8, game=ue3 <- UObject::EndLoad <- CUmodelApp::ShowPackageUI <- Main:umodel_version=580
Alright so i'm only going to include 3 files that you really need to take a look at them but really only 1 of them you will be using which is the

Also i'm not sure if it means anything but the file was compressed and i used the decompress.exe over on and that is the version i'm uploading the decompressed .xxx. ... ressed.rar

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