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Re: Spider-Man 3 PC

Post by Valamis » Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:36 pm

LordKiriYT wrote:
Valamis wrote:Hi.
May anyone share some Spider-man 3 the game extracted files? For me it is too complicated to use this tool. I don't understand that and where is the ReadMe file for how to use? I would be grateful for any models but the most I need New Goblin model with his flying board/glider, Venom and maybe construction-site-building from grand finale (last mission where you fight Venom and Sandman, I would need that part of building when you fight with Venom). Thanks in advance. I am going to import and rig these models in Daz Studio :wink:

1. I tried to use Spiderman3_APKF but it tells program stopped working, help. I use Windows 8.1
drag and drop the .36 file to the tool
Thanks. That worked. It extracted files to the same folder where the file was. I am afraid there are too many 36 files and files inside them for me to find New Goblin player and Venom models and textures :[

1. Ok I found venom but he has bugged texture: ch_venom_ppp.tex_0 ( it is called indexed color probably)
2. New Goblin is in c44dbd9b.36. Textures are also weird and don't work as they should. It is like multiple textures are merged into 1 TGA. I can't figure out how to separate them. How do you apply them as I saw in one of previous pictures when one of you managed to texture New Goblin model?

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