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Idolmaster (DereSte) 3d site

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Re: Idolmaster (DereSte) 3d site

Post by garamika » Tue Jul 14, 2020 2:46 pm

It seems that not the "3d_an_cutt_~~~" file stores the facials but the unity3d file with the name of the song stores the facials, cameras, and stage light informations - like the ones in scrobj file in MLTD. Yet theres a long way to parse the file so that can be translated into vmd file.

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Re: Idolmaster (DereSte) 3d site

Post by LeonaWest » Thu Jul 16, 2020 3:31 pm

Do you know how to do that? I would appreciate it if you could share the method.

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Re: Idolmaster (DereSte) 3d site

Post by duckhime » Tue Aug 04, 2020 5:27 am

pechenuxa wrote:
Mon Sep 23, 2019 12:40 am
How to make face expressions work on model. (Blender only.) When you finish face expressions will be writed as shape keys and you can you they in every prog.

1.Download Utiny ripper, extract all assets from model.unity3d file.
2.Open Unity load your face model with avatar, load animation clips on avatar.
3.Use Unity exporter addon to export your model with animation clips and export it.
4.Download Blender and CATS BLENDER TOOLS for blender.
5.Import model exported from Unity to Blender.
6.Transfer bone pose into shape keys with CATS BLENDER feature. Caution: Animation does not work properly, bones are just do face pose on the 1-st frame or it can be 0 frame (random for me).
So you just, transfer bone pose into the shape key or whatever you need and do rest position and rotation on 0 frame of animation.
And you you with all animation clips which you need.
Technically that is all what you need to do to make FaceExpressions to work.

You can add me in discord if you have a question. "Cyan Blue#9804"
for those having trouble with steps 2-3:

my alternate method for steps 2-3 is very tedious but should work with CATS' shape key creator

1) open 3d_chara_head_xxxx_xxxx_hq.unity3d in AssetStudio
2) under Asset List, ctrl click the AnimationClip (shape key, face expression) you wish to export and the Animator (md_chrxxxx_xxxx_hq)
3) Export > Animator + selected AnimationClips
4) rename .fbx whatever you want (i did the clip names, so mouth_e, eyeL_close, etc)
5) delete remaining files (textures) and repeat with each AnimationClip you want exported

then you can import into blender and copy the bone pose to your main model and save as a shape key with CATS

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Re: Idolmaster (DereSte) 3d site

Post by SHIBAJA » Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:39 pm

new guy here, been browsing the forum for a while.

I found this site that sells deresute accs with a 3d model viewer, but sadly it only works for pre-2018 SSRs.
using F12 you can see the textures and the site fetching everything from a database.
wonder if its possible to import them, though i dont think they'll serve much use since no animation data exists.

note the website is in thai
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