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Project Blackout *.i3s / *.I3CHR file format.

Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:45 pm
by napoleon321
Hello I wonder if anyone of you have looked in to Project Blackout (aka Point Blank). The game is free to play, and it has some really nice models in it. I have made a little research on it and here's all i have managed to find till now:

The game is on iCube engine

Most of the files (assets) are packed in *.i3Pack files. (I have unpacker, i'll upload here)

The models are in *.I3CHR or *i3s files.

The textures are in *.isi files. (I have converter - *.i3i to *.dds, i'll upload here)

My problem however (like always) are the models. Can someone look on them? Here are some samples of the *.i3s and *.I3CHR files.

I can upload original textures (in *.i3i) and original pack files (*.i3Pack) if anyone is interested in the compression (I don't think it's necessary)

And here are the samples.

Thank you for your time. Any help would be really appreciated.

Re: Project Blackout *.i3s / *.I3CHR file format.

Posted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 9:00 am
by shakotay2
using hex2obj (view link in my sig):
h2o file for separate arms submesh of SWAT_female.i3s:
0x955EF 8682
68 24
0x2CD43 2011
0x0 255

equipment (waterbottle etc.):
0xBE08A 810
68 24
0x2CD43 6297
0x0 255