PSX Silent Hill Model Format Help

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Re: PSX Silent Hill Model Format Help

Post by Giromancy » Tue Feb 23, 2016 5:58 pm

Hi, i found a better way to build a SH1 level exactly like in the game, even using the original textures from the game disc.

Its not a rip program, you have to build the level by your own.

You have to use a program called Crocotile 3D, this program allows you to build a 3D
level using tilesets. The only problem here is, that you have to fix the colors in each textures ripped from the game, once you have the textures fixed, you can
build a simple level in just a few minutes, you can use the ePSXe emulator with 3D Ripper DX to activate and deactivate the wireframe mode in any time for reference.

Here are two videos i made using this program:

Silent Hill 1 - 3D Tile Map (TEST) #1

Silent Hill 1 - 3D Tile Map (TEST) #2

As you know, almost every texture of SH1 is made by 256x256 pixels, and each texture is composed with 64 quads (squares) each square corresponds to a different texture:

In this case, this image has every texture used for sidewalks,streets, sewer cover,grass etc etc.
So you can recreate any sidewalks, street from the game using this simple texture.

Here is the same image with all the textures separated from each other for better view:
You can build anything you want using those squares, you just have to assign the UV Tile size in the Tileset window to 32x32 in Crocotile 3d and start to build your own model or recreate any part of the game.

The same rule apply for every building or level in the game, all the textures use 32x32 pixels.
This texture for example have some doors that use two squares 64x32.

ORIGINAL THREAD: ... 2&t=437581

Im currently working on the Alchemilla Hospital using Crocotile 3D and i have the entire hospital with every room already finished, this includes, BF,1F,2F,3F and even a RF. Im doing some adjustments to make it look better, openable doors with sounds, reverb zones, lighting etc.

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Re: PSX Silent Hill Model Format Help

Post by Kunzt » Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:09 pm

I'm using the same method as Giromancy, in 3ds Max, mapping tiles on 1x1 snapping planes. But i didn't desactivate the fog and elevate the cam, i'de be glad if someone can explain to me how it's done in ePSXe.

I've already ripped the whole town of Silent Hill 2, exteriors and interiors, in 3ds Max.

I'll rip Silent Hill 3 the same way.

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Re: PSX Silent Hill Model Format Help

Post by ReeceMix » Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:33 am

I made the higher cam and no fog/ash codes using an Xploder Cartridge for the PSX and the codes worked for Dr Hells Action Replay GPU Wrapper in espxe
These codes are INF Heath, INF ammo, Higher Cam, No Fog, No LensFlare (other sprite stuff I forget)

800BA0BE 00000006
800BA008 0000000F
800B9D18 00008C00
800B9D1C 00008C00
800B9D24 00008C00
800B9D28 00008C00
800C4168 00000001

BUT they probabally wont work with an regular NTSC or PAL image of the game, its a really old image that I converted from NTSC to PAL so I assume that the offsets will be different on both versions due to the conversion process.

i dont know if Cheat Engine works with epsxe but there should be a epsxe trainer , getting the codes is pretty easy , Inside there is no Fog outside there is , so thats your starting on/off yes/no variable , for the hight in the 1st DogHouse House you enter the Camera is fixed to the ceiling I just used that for Higher/Lower variables to get the codes. I'd love to see an entire silent hill city built oneday but I have abandoned this project myself

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Re: PSX Silent Hill Model Format Help

Post by Sparagas » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:05 am

Hello, I with my colleagues at Silent Hill Community made a tremendous job at cracking the file formats

You can read the beginning here and latest news here (the most importantly are the latest posts)

But I will go straight to the point. Could you please help me to understand what parts do these red squares point? One must be vertexes, faces etc. Thank you for your help!


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