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Can anybody extract the VOICE files from Bayonetta?

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Can anybody extract the VOICE files from Bayonetta?

Post by ShurikenUK » Sat Mar 03, 2012 7:45 pm

Hey its my first post here, just wanted to make a quick easy request for anyone who has a Blu-Ray drive, or the 360 DVD version!

For a while now I've been looking for the sound-files of the dialogue & various voices in Bayonetta, but they dont seem to exist on the internet! Its for my music productions as I love using vocal samples in my intro's, from different games. Usually I can only do it with PC games that have simple, readable or easily convertible audio files. Sometimes I have to use audacity and literally record while I play, but thats really a "touch & go" method and rarely works.

Could anybody do me a huge favour and extract the voice files from this game for me (preferrably as lossless WAV audio)? I'd be ETERNALLY grateful if anybody did!! :wink:

I would try to do all this myself, but I dont have a Blu-Ray drive, or the big money to buy one LOL.

Thanks in advance, hoping I get some of these seductive vocal samples soon! :keke:

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