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need help reguarding scarface p3d format..

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need help reguarding scarface p3d format..

Post by brandnewbien » Sun Mar 04, 2007 5:57 pm

hi all. for the past few weeks now i've been tring to find away to read the p3d data in scarface (p.c) i've tried all pluging for 3ds and zmodeler but i havn't found one that can read this type of p3d all i've found is things like this (".p3d" format could be whatever game developers decided. ) but no info on how to decode them to make new modeles for the game i figured out how to repack game data to a point but with being able to open and read these files i can't access any game data. dose anyone here have any ideas about this type of p3d ? i'll upload a sample and mabe some one will have better luck then i did?
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