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Mulit game, mulit model request master list

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Mulit game, mulit model request master list

Post by octaviousrex » Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:31 am

I do not wish to push my luck and I hope people understand that with this post I will post no more about requested models for the sake of not being a pest or spamer. some of these I think some of you will enjoy for the challenge and some you might enjoy for the nostalgia. I realize this is a long list and if I could do most of this myself I would be doing so and sharing the bounty of what I want. but I am terrible with such things.

in most cases I just need the meshes themselves. skins aren't exactly needed but appreciated. all files will be used for the purpose of ref modeling at best and never used for comerical works.

without further aduex here is what I'd like most to be able to work with.

1.silpheed hero ship from "Silpheed:the lost planet". (ps2)
2. the Bus from L.A. Noire (the bus model is very sumular to the gate bus from the movie road warrior and would help me nail that model down) (ps3/360/pc)
4. all cyclone bikes from the game "Robotech:invasion". (ps2/xbox)
5. as many subs as can be gotten from the game "SubRebellion". (ps2)
6. police bike,armored vehicles,helicopters and all t-x,and terminator in various states of battle damaged models from the
game "Terminator 3:Redeption". (ps2/xbox/gamecube)
7. t-x models (her in the red suit/endoskeleton) from "terminator 3 the game". (ps2)
8.the armored challenger from "defiance" (ps3/xbox360/pc)
9.vehicle modes for all the transformers from "transformers armada". (ps2)
10. Mohawk Indiana,Patriot Surger ,and Castro Robusto from "motorstrom" (ps3)
12.and armored vehicles,and any terminators from the blocky t-400 to the t-800's from "terminator:dawn of fate" (ps2/xbox)
13. resident evil revelations jessica terragrigia police unifrom.
14. mercinaries world in flames yellow guntruck.

if you need pictures I'll post links below.
4. ... 516789.jpg
5. ... oros-1.jpg
6. ... 1/ppuser/1
8. ... ngersf.jpg
9. ... _large.jpg
10. ... width=1440
12.this truck if possible: ... Series_600
13. ... 2/rev3.jpg

some of these are probably unatianable. if the model is ultimately low poly I still would like it. now as to some obvious questions. some games I cannot get to work on some emulators (though I do own most of these games in their disk form) so sometimes 3dx ripper won't work,sometimes with the emulator even ninja ripper won't work,sometimes the unpackers won't work and I've tried a hundred different "proven methods" for extracting these files but to no avail.

I don't expect you guys to rip any of this for me. but any work done will be greatly appreciated and if you want to be mentioned when the works are remade and released I am willing to give credit where credit is due. you guys are pretty much my own hope but if you want nothing to do with this I understand that too. thank you all for your consideration.

Update: I have had some success with the Roadkill Models and found them to be somewhat low poly but a good base on which to model better versions of and that was the plan all along. also was able to get wreckless: Yakuza mission vehicles I needed so they are taken off the list.

I have a little progress on Silpheed but it's not coming out right due to complications. someone had a script for this very game but sadly they won't share it at all. which is too bad but that is life. I am also finding issues with getting to the robotech: invasion motorcycles (or cyclones) for much the same reason as silpheed.

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