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Battle Heroes - custom 5.2 LUA

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Battle Heroes - custom 5.2 LUA

Post by Sekretmnicha » Sat Mar 20, 2021 4:10 pm

I want to mod a LUA file from game called Battle Heroes: ... l=pl&gl=US

The game uses LUA 5.2 but its not a standard LUA setup. Header is modified: altered from LuaR to nxsR. The fromat byte is 01 and header tail is changed.

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I tried use luadec, unluac,chunkspy but all failed due to custom header so i cant manage to make the LUA "readable". Those LUA is not encrypted but just compiled bytecode.
I think nx in header stands for nx-crypto Linux library (im not 100%sure).

I tried use IDA pro on *.so from apk but its black magic to me.
Can any1 help me on how to make the file readable?

In attachments i added one LUA file. Cant add *.so due to file size.
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