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Deciphering the PS2 Disks for the .HACK/IMOQ Games

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Deciphering the PS2 Disks for the .HACK/IMOQ Games

Post by travistrue » Sun Nov 01, 2020 1:12 am

Hey all,

Does anyone have any info deciphering the assets for the .HACK games? I've found public Google Drive repos that have OBJ rips of these models in their T-pose, so I've got the feeling that people have been able to decipher them over just grabbing the data as a 3D "sceneshot" using OpenGL/DX launchers that monitor draw calls and drivers.

EDIT: After some more searching over the weekend, I was finally able to come across this thread regarding some more detailed information on these files with some great resources. It wasn't too easy to find the first time through because ".hack" didn't seem to bring up any search results on these forums. Googling was also tough because ".hack" can be mistaken as such as general term, but I eventually lucked out when that link appeared in my search results.

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