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Can I create an MDK with 100% illegal source code?

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Can I create an MDK with 100% illegal source code?

Post by Stalker94rus » Sat Aug 17, 2019 1:43 am

I welcome you, fellow programmers and administrators of this forum. I have a question: Can we make MDK for the game, with completely illegal source code? We are talking about the game "Panzer Elite Action". Somehow there was already a topic on the forum of the publisher of the game, but then the forum was closed and a link to the archive with MDK deleted :((((. There the programmer together with the staff of the United Federation of gamers, made MDK without the official source code of the game engine. (His name was Cam cartographer.)
I'm curious... The game itself is very good, but made in a hurry and has a lot of mistakes and monotony... If you at least make a game map editor, the game can be given a second chance. I am currently improving the graphics in the game (as far as the game allows).
Game engine: xubl. The engine is written in C++.

Here is the same topic from the forum. Took out specifically from "Internet Archive": ... nally-Here!

My job is to improve the game (if you want to watch): ... c_MTM1h3qe

Thanks in advance for your help and answers! :)

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