Help With Extracting Grabbed by the Ghoulies Assets

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Help With Extracting Grabbed by the Ghoulies Assets

Post by collabvm » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:01 am

Sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong forum but I'm interested in extracting the assets from Grabbed by the Ghoulies. My main focus is to see if there is some cut content still on the game disc, as the game itself changed so much during development. Here are some of my findings about the compiled files on the disc:

.bnl- Files with this extension contain models and level designs. I believe a script was mode for extracting these files in another thread on here but I don't remember

Files in wavebank folder- Extensionless files that are large in size. Each file in this folder has a "WEND" header. Possibly just contains a bunch of wav files with stripped headers.

Files in movie folder- Extensionless files with a similar filename structure to the ones in wavebank. Each file has a header that begins with "BIKi".

Files in localext- Same filename convention as the last two. Files appears to be headlerless. Likely contains the game dialog as file 0b24c424 has some debug info about a "Dialog test".

Files in fonts- Same filename convention, also headerless.

Files in demand- Same fileanme convention, headerless, I'm not really sure what these files are used for.

I want some guidance on how to extract the assets as these files do seem interesting. If you want to take a shot at it yourself, I have provided some sample files for all of the files I listed here:!MBVCyQjT!-zVAjXstk70Y ... BjHmnB-vmc

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