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Create a server for the game С++

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Create a server for the game С++

Post by Elephantkilla » Sun Jul 01, 2018 2:26 pm

Hi. I am from Russia. I use a translator.
I'm not a company, I'm an ordinary person. I'm looking for people ready to help write a server for the game 25 To Life. The game uses a P2P connection, so the server in the game is used to display matches, register users, send personal emails, invitations, clans, ranks and maintain statistics. In the code of a EXE file are a lot of useful information,the game uses ports 9100, 9103. We need a specialist with knowledge of C ++ and reverse engineering. At the moment I have several people on the team.
Of course, this is not entirely free. But here it is not customary to write about it, contact me for more information.

My contacts: \ discord: Elephantkilla #8584

I hope I put the topic in the right place. Sorry if something is wrong.
I'm looking for a team of C ++ programmers with reverse engineering knowledge. Discord: Elephantkilla #8584

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