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Hire Coder/Programmer [Diablo2]

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Hire Coder/Programmer [Diablo2]

Post by jetaman » Mon Apr 30, 2018 10:48 am

Hello guys. I’m looking for a programmer to work with me on my project. I’m working on a global modification for 2D isometric game Diablo 2. My project is going to be an Elder Scrolls mod. The ultimate goal is to recreate the world of Elder Scrolls in D2. To reach my goal I need help from an experienced programmer. What will you do? In short, you will debug, softcode and expand D2’s engine. There are a lot of bugs in the vanilla engine, which need to be fixed. Also, a lot of data is heavily hardcoded – it needs to be softcoded into .txt files for easy editing. Finally, there are a lot of limitations in the code (for example limited number of Levels) which need to be removed.
Don’t worry you will not be left alone in your work. There is a huge community of D2 modders that can help you. There is a large forum section dedicated to Code Editing. You can find lots of information there. And also there is a Discord Channel of friendly D2 modders, where you can get a quick reply. There are programmers that have achieved a lot in their own projects and may share some of their code or at least point you to the right direction.
Also, if you’re a fan or at least familiar with any of these franchises, it would be great. Contact me if you’re interested.

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