Need help with Mortal Kombat X Script Extractor (QuickBMS)

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Need help with Mortal Kombat X Script Extractor (QuickBMS)

Post by futuretime23 » Sun Feb 19, 2017 6:46 am

Hello, I'm a new user here.
I need help with a QuickBMS script a user named digitaloverdose made. This script extracted PC MKX scripts. I'm trying to get it to work with newer MKX scripts as it doesn't fully extract them.
Previously, the Extractor tool he made unpacked all PC MKX scripts, but after the game got updated into MKXL, the Extractor no longer fully extracts the files as it comes up with this error:
297 log MKODIR checktableoffset checktableamount

I'm unfortunately a complete newb when it comes to quickbms, so I couldn't figure out a way to update the QuickBMS script so that it can fully extract the newer scripts.

Here's a link to a pack that includes the following: the QuickBMS script (most updated version) along with it's required assets (FNV1Hashlist txt and hextotext t) , an earlier version of the script which only extracted one specific part of the MKX scripts, and two MKX character scripts: one, before the MKXL update (dated sept. 08), and another after it (called latest). Both scripts have also been extracted (although as stated before, it can't fully extract MKXL scripts, only parts of it)!RU9BXbaB!DTB0i4V8-QxX ... Q_0CvzcGT4

In order to use the tool, make sure to access it from quickbms_4gb_files exe. when it asks you to overwrite (this will only show up ATM with the MKX Sept. script as that one works perfectly) type a and press enter in order for it to properly extract the script. Also, make sure the FNV1 and hextotext files are in the same folder with the MKX scripts you are gonna extract.

Wish you luck!

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