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PSPLamb-like Plugin for PS3?

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PSPLamb-like Plugin for PS3?

Post by Miles2345 » Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:48 pm

If anyone's familiar with the PSPLamb prx plugin for PSP, it's basically a plugin which, upon pressing the mute button on the PSP, hooks onto the video card and dumps everything on screen to an obj, similar to 3D Ripper DX or the like. Considering this was done using the PSP, would it be possible to write a tool similar to this for PS3?

This is coming from someone completely inexperienced with PS3 programming but I figure it'd be similar to writing a prx plugin on PSP, having it run in memory. But the question is, can the PS3 be manipulated in such a way that everything on screen is dumped to a model file?

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