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hi, new here, got some questions regarding frostbite games

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hi, new here, got some questions regarding frostbite games

Post by shabaco » Tue Oct 09, 2018 11:46 pm

i know dice are mean sob's regarding mod tools, and have searched in the past for info on editing, tweaking and modding many times re battlefront / battlefield.

just wondering has anyone managed to extract battlefield 3 and up game files, edit stuff and then repack?

or is this still something we can't do?

i read that there are python scripts that can unpack data but i never tried as i couldn't find any info regarding packing the data back up or changing settings, just stuff about audio files etc.

basically i'm asking because back in the day, a user on a forum that is now dead for several years made a tool for bf3 which allowed tweaking of game settings that are stored in the cas files, however some users found out it allowed client side tweaking to weapons etc and dice got wind and patched the game and all bf games after...

he obviously didn't think to only show settings that could be used for non-cheating. like engine settings, as the best thing about it was all the settings for graphics were there to play with, such as disabling lens flares, colour grading which made the game look lush and 10x better than what the stupid art director decided on.

i'll never forget operation metro and the blue tint....

anyway, has anyone since managed to get at the internal settings at all? i have the games sitting on my origin account but i haven't played them much since like bf4 was released, i recently purchased bf1 as it was a fiver and played a little but the overdone post processing gave me a headache! all the blur and bloody screen effects piss me off.

i'd play them much more if one could disable the postfx, setting it to low does nothing for lens flares etc...

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