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Siren New Translation (PS3)

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Re: Siren New Translation (PS3)

Post by SILENTpavel » Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:53 am

You are the best! Awesome scripts!
I have found some kind of debug file with debug options, like Wireframe mode and other stuff (changed some loading screen): - video from ps3
UPD: also: ... od-111171/
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Re: Siren New Translation (PS3)

Post by ViToTiV » Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:38 am

AndylgRu wrote:Anyone found where the subtitles (dss or where?)?
Found, but hard to understand the algorithm of chars coding.
Text for menu/system msg in dds files, subtitle text in es0x.dat files (can unpack by bms script in first post)
For Example:

contents of unpacked file es01.dat/es01.hed:
script\msg\ ( - used font chars (only required, not the entire alphabet)
script\msg\s011.dat ( - text in coordinates or anything else (can't understand)

structure of s011.dat:

Code: Select all

4-byte - "FONTDATA"
4-byte - Unk
4-byte - text strings count

for each string:
4-byte - string data offset+0x10 (most likely in coords)
4-byte - string label offset+0x10
somebody can understand type of coordinates? (or not coordinates, charcodes? :? )

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