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Syphon Filter HOG Archives [PSP]

The Original Forum. Game archives, full of resources. How to open them? Get help here.
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Syphon Filter HOG Archives [PSP]

Post by jenx » Sun Aug 09, 2009 11:27 am

Howdy all..

I've been trying and wondering how to extract these archives for a very long time..
I've searched the internet high and low, for something that can extract or view these files, with no luck at all.
As i am unfamiliar with Hex editing, from what i can see in notepad++, the archives are stored in 3 types of files, .HGZ, .HOG and .SKX
.HGZ and .HOG share the same header, which is "HZ2" at the few bytes of the archive.

The first few bytes of the .SKX archives are "SKEX"

The HOG archives appear to have a directory listing of the files inside also in the first 50 or so bytes of the file, where the HGZ files appear to not have such directory listings.

From what i can see, the textures inside these archives (some are also scattered outside of them) are in .TDX format with no visible header.

The sound files which are not in any archives are in AT3 format, which i can successfully convert with an AT3 converter.

Attached are some of the files as mentioned above
Ok maybe not "The extension hog is not allowed."


If i knew what engine this uses, i would post that too but even i can't find it. It must be some sort of Proprietary Sony engine because the game was developed and published by SCEA/SCEE

Thanks in advance and i don't expect miracles :]


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Re: Syphon Filter HOG Archives [PSP]

Post by SILENTpavel » Thu Apr 03, 2014 5:53 pm

Necroposter here! lol
okay, you can unpack .HOG files of SF for ps2/psp with Xpert2 and "PS2_Syphon_Filter_The_Omega_Strain_HOG.epi" - working perfect and simple, almost like quickbms.

Download xpert2 here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/de6qc ... Plugins.7z
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