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.TBD archive format (Metal Fatigue) - a challenge?

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Re: .TBD archive format (Metal Fatigue) - a challenge?

Post by WRS » Thu Aug 19, 2010 10:22 pm

the sections have different structures:

uint FileCount
for each FileCount: uint LookupHash, uint DataPointer

the lookup hash is checked from a list (??) from pSymbolTable
plaintext files may not be listed here (eg. sound.tbd)

IMPT (expecting EXPT to be the same)
uint FileCount
for each FileCount: uint ??, uint ??

OFFS you have..
uint FileCount
for each FileCount: uint DataPointer


master.tbd (the filelist, and loaded first) contains strings with no defined lengths
others like sound.tbd have the size of the data before
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Re: .TBD archive format (Metal Fatigue) - a challenge?

Post by KianSheperd » Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:09 pm

Hey there! Found this forum while searching for a way to extract the models from Metal Fatigue.

In my wonderings of the net I found the following information that I hope might be useful to this endeavor. According to an interview with Jason Hough of Zono found here ... /page3.asp, the texture maps are drawn in photoshop, and the models and animation was done with Lightwave 3d.

Now adding on to that...a small co-op has an application they claim can partially read the archives of Metal fatigue. Their website and the app are found here...

Now I have yet to try this utility myself as I am at work, but I will try it as soon as I can. However if their utility can at least partially read the archives, perhaps that will give a direction to move in. I'm hoping I can find the 3d meshes of the combot parts, cause if I can, I can build them into foldable cardstock models.


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