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Little Nightmares (.PAK Files) unpack/repack

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Little Nightmares (.PAK Files) unpack/repack

Post by Karlov1999 » Wed Feb 10, 2021 4:24 pm

Hi. How are you?

I wanted to say that I am translating Little Nightmares Game and I had a problem. I was able to extract the files I wanted with UnrealPak software.
And when I changed the file I wanted. I had a problem packing.

When I want to pack modified files. I get an error in CMD. And I do not know why this error. It will be good if you can help.

The command I use to pack:
UnrealPak Atlas-WindowsNoEditor.pak -Repack -Output = Atlas-WindowsNoEditor

I will also post a photo of the error that is given to me so that you can better understand.
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