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Decryption Algorithm Reverse

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Decryption Algorithm Reverse

Post by theclub654 » Fri Aug 14, 2020 2:40 am

This is a decryption algorithm for a game could someone reverse this into c++. This is ppc

addi r29, r26, 0x18C
li r6, 1
lis r4, 4
clrldi r5, r29, 32
mr r3, r31
bl sub_18E8D0
mr r3, r31
bl sub_8619C
lis r6, 0x23CF # 0x23CF405D
lis r0, 4
li r7, 0
ori r6, r6, 0x405D # 0x23CF405D
mtspr CTR, r0
li r9, 0x7A69

add r10, r7, r29
addi r7, r7, 1
clrldi r10, r10, 32
mulli r11, r9, 0x1A3
addi r11, r11, 0x181D
lbz r8, 0(r10)
mulhwu r0, r11, r6
srwi r9, r0, 12
mulli r9, r9, 0x7262
subf r9, r9, r11
slwi r0, r9, 8
subf r0, r9, r0
mulhwu r0, r0, r6
extrdi r0, r0, 8,44
xor r0, r0, r8
stb r0, 0(r10)
bdnz+ loc_39F90

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Re: Decryption Algorithm Reverse

Post by ikskoks » Fri Aug 14, 2020 10:54 am

Try to use Ghidra or IDA Pro to decompile this.

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