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Emperor: battle for dune CMP audio

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Emperor: battle for dune CMP audio

Post by Apollo » Wed Nov 29, 2006 12:18 pm

Hey, while i realise this is kinda old westwood game and there is support for reading the archives (audio.bag etc) while for the conversion of its audio there isn't... :(

Namely the mysterious *.CMP format. (CMP=Compressed i figure) I've attached few sample cmp's incase any of you find a way to convert these back to ordinary wavs without the flaws.

and if you wish to add support for the few *.W files in audio.bag..those are wavs but the wav header has been stripped off and just needs rebuilding but there are editors for that already.

Edit: CMP is probably some custom ADPCM compressed wave audio that just has the header missing.

Edit2: Looks like nobody had luck anyways I have succeeded to do what i wanted to so thanks for any whom tried.

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