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[PS2] Dealing with MFE and ELF fiels (Atelier Marie + Elie)

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[PS2] Dealing with MFE and ELF fiels (Atelier Marie + Elie)

Post by Flamel » Sat Jun 13, 2020 2:17 pm

Hello everyone,

I would like to translate the game Atelier Marie + Elie from English to French (the original game was only in Japanese, but some group going by the name AtelierTraduction made an english patch). Nevertheless, I am quite stuck: after extracting the content of the ISO, I have the following files:

ATL.MFE (1491294 KB)
SLPM_661.40 (1761 KB)

As well as a MODULEs folder which contains many IRX files.
From what I understood (I am sorry, I am quite new to the field), the SYSTEM.CNF is a standard boot file in PS2 ISO, and a quick look using Hex Workshop has shown me that SLPM_661.40 is the ELF file. It so happens that going quickly through the files, the only ones that seem to contain text dialogues/menus/objects/etc. are SLPM_661.40 and ATL.MFE. I know that the game is quite old (and a kind of repack of two PS1 games to top it all), but does someone know if there is a way to extract properly resources from the ELF file or how to deal with this MFE file? I would like to avoid if possible direct manipulation in particular of the latter one in hexadecimal editors because it is quite heavy to handle and a little bit painful, so any suggestion about some tools/techniques would be very helpful.

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